Simplified’s Remarkably Affordable SIP Trunking Offers Unmatched Features

A few of the solution’s key features include:

A Secure, Next‐Gen Network

Allows 100% availability. With no single points of failure in any layer of our redundant architecture, the odds of an actual loss of telephone service are slim to none. Our network resides in highly secure Tier‐IV facilities rated to withstand even the most catastrophic disaster ‐‐ which means we cannot go down because of power losses or surges. Our network is also simultaneously connected to Tier1 bandwidth providers and won’t go down because of lost connections or lines. Simplified controls all aspects of the VoIP network ‐‐ we manage our own equipment, capacity, power redundancy, technology upgrades and security.

Caller ID

Adds inbound and outbound caller ID name.

Enhanced 911 Emergency Service

Integrates E911 service in every application.

HD Voice Quality

Adds HD phones with the SIP Trunking service. Simplified provides the highest quality sound with
digitally optimized voice handling.

Global Provisioning

Allows us to provision local telephone numbers across the contiguous 48 states as well as in multiple
foreign countries. We also provide local number portability, DID numbers, toll‐free numbers, directory
listing service, 411 information service and more.

Intelligent Routing

Optimizes the connection between your service location and the edge of our IP network. The
intelligent routing occurs at a global level allowing us to serve customers world‐wide.

Open Source Software

Allows us to fully customized and program our VoIP network in‐house. We also develop our feature
applications in‐house.

PBX Integration and Ongoing Support

Connects easily with a wide range of industry‐leading PBX systems. Simplified’s technical experts will
help integrate SIP Trunking with your PBX and provide ongoing support 24/7. Contact Simplified to
discuss compatibility with your existing PBX equipment.

Simplified Billing

Creates a single bill with one flat monthly fee ‐‐ no hidden fees or other surprises.

Unlimited Calling

Offers unlimited Inbound and Outbound Calls to the U.S. and Canada for one low monthly fee.
International calling is billed at our competitive rates.

If you need more information or help deciding which plan is right for your business, please contact us for more information about your specific application.

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