Transition to the Cloud with SIP Trunking

A SIP trunk is a digital phone line that allows your business to make and receive phone calls through your IP network connection. Using Simpified’s SIP Trunking service, you can replace legacy phone lines and instantly convert your traditional service to cloud‐based communications. All you need is a stable Internet connection with an existing phone system and your location is ready for SIP Trunking. You can immediately realize true business advantages with SIP Trunking:

Significantly Decrease Communications Cost

By adding SIP Trunking to your existing traditional PBX system, you migrate instantly to the cloud. By keeping your existing equipment, you protect your previous investments and incur no additional capital costs for new systems or upgrades. You also save money by eliminating per‐minute and per‐trunk charges.

Easily Scale Your Communications

If your company grows or your call volume changes, you can modify your SIP trunk configuration quickly, easily and affordably. Whatever you need, you can add or remove phone numbers and SIP trunks within minutes.

Disaster‐Proof Your Business

Simplified’s “always on” SIP trunks ensure you maintain business continuity. In the event of a natural disaster or outage from any other cause, you’ll never miss a call. Automatic call re‐routing will route your calls to alternate numbers.

Operate from Anywhere in the Country

With Simplified’s SIP Trunking, you can order local telephone numbers across the contiguous 48 states and give your business a local presence anywhere it needs. Plus, you can move your business operations anywhere in the country and your SIP trunks instantly move with you. And, if needed, you can easily port your number and information from your previous provider.

Manage Your Communications from Any Location

Accessing Simplified’s online interface from any web‐enabled device, you can monitor your communications at any time and place. Your incoming and outgoing calls are managed with a simple click.

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