A Total Replacement for Traditional PBX Telephone Systems

With Simplified’s Business Phone Service, you don’t need to purchase, install, maintain and manage your own hardware‐based PBX system. You save money with no PBX hardware to purchase or lease and limited maintenance required. Our hosted solution allows you to simply plug IP phones into a local network connected to the Internet and dial! You get rich sounding voice quality and 24/7 technical support while leveraging the most sought‐after PBX features

Unify Your Communications with Simpified’s Cloud‐based Telephony

With Simpified’s Business Phone Service, you can set‐up your service in a flash. You’ll get voice, email, conferencing and mobility features all on a single platform. You can manage your service from any location using our online portal. And if you move your office anywhere in the country, your business phone service moves with you.

Keep All Your Employees Connected Regardless of Location

Whether employees are in the office, at home or on the road, Simplified’s Business Phone Service makes sure they stay connected. Everyone has access to the same advanced communications features. Plus, you can easily manage and monitor your remote workforce.

Grow without Growing Pains

With Simplified, you won’t have to worry about complicated and expensive upgrades to meet current requirements. You can instantly make moves, adds and changes to your hosted phone service through Simplified’s online interface.

Disaster‐Proof Your Business Communications

Simplified offers an always‐on hosted telephone service. If you’re not able to receive calls because of a disaster at one of your company locations, callers can be seamlessly re‐routed anywhere in the world.

Access over 300 Features

With every extension, Simplified offers:

  • Unlimited calling on network, U.S. and Canada
  • Support for e911
  • Support for Line Number Portability – keep your existing phone number
  • Directory Assistance, Directory Listing and Initial Listing available
  • International Long Distance charged per minute based on current International Rate Schedule
  • DIDs available in the U.S. and worldwide
  • Free Inter‐Group Calling among all sites
  • Extension Dialing among all sites
  • And more…

For a description of our key features, click here .

Access a Secure, Next‐Gen Network

We designed our network to run at 100% availability. With no single points of failure in any layer of our redundant architecture, the odds of an actual loss of telephone service are slim to none. Our network resides in highly secure Tier‐IV data centers rated to withstand even the most catastrophic disaster – our service will not go down because of power losses or surges. Our network is also simultaneously connected to Tier1 bandwidth providers and won’t suffer from lost connections or lines.

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