Simplify and Enhance Your Call Center’s Performance

Simplified’s Hosted Call Center solution delivers fast, amazing service for your managers, agents and, most importantly, your customers. With advanced call routing, you’ll connect your customers to the best available agent every time. Simplified Networks puts your business a cut above the rest by helping you maximize agent productivity and improve customer engagement regardless of location. Your workers are supported whether they’re in the office, working from home or using their mobile devices.

Reduce Your Call Center Costs

With minimal upfront costs and flexible pricing, Simpified’s cloud‐based solution provides real cost savings for businesses of any size. For example, Simplified’s Hosted Call Center service eliminates the need to purchase and maintain telecommunications hardware on‐site, allows you to use your existing devices and lets you hire remote agents to save on facility‐related costs.

Easy Customization of Your Hosted Call Center Solution

Through integrated, advanced features, you can tailor your calling platform to your exact requirements. IVR, ACD, call recording and a host of other meaningful features will help you create an ideal call center solution.

Quickly Scale Your Solution

You can deploy the Simplified’s Hosted Call Center immediately. You gain access to sophisticated technology that can quickly scale to meet your changing requirements. If you call volume changes, you can staff

Centralize Your Geographically Diverse Operation

Simplified creates the agility you need to manage multiple locations and remote agents. With a centralized queue, you can provide uninterrupted service to your customers regardless of agent location. The Hosted Call Center solution lets you route calls based on a variety of parameters, adjust staffing based on call volume and manage the call center function through easy‐to‐use web interfaces.

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Hosted Call Center Management Interface

  1. Agent Status Screen
  2. All User Status Screen
  3. Call Statistics Screen
  4. Queue Call Summary Screen
  5. Report Selection Screen
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